Part two of the Sony World Photography Awards

The second part of the Sony World Photography student focus with Parley for the ocean, in terms of plastic pollution, I started looking into issues that are relevant to us as South Africans. I found that todays youth doesnt understand the impact that some of the recreational water sports have on the ocean, although we are aware of traditional plastic pollution from single use plastic such as plastic bags, straws and the like. Sports such as surfing also add large amounts of pollution to the industry.  Dr Jenna ad, a University of Georgia researcher led a study on marine plastic pollution and discovered 8 million tons of plastic pollution flowed into the world oceans in 2010 alone, in the list of the top 20 contributors to marine plastic pollution South Africa was ranked as number 11, worse than India, the entire United States and 23 European countries.

 It was nice to find a company in the local community like WAWA who have found sustainable alternative ways of ethical surf board production through the use of up cycling and by making use of natural products such as cork, agave and mushrooms combined with hemp and natural resins. From using this process these boards do not pollute the ocean and the final product can be re-used and is biodegradable

Red Bull Studios

During the Third and final year of my studies I was required to complete a internship which was part of our curriculum. I managed to organize my internship with Red Bull South Africa in the Red Bull Studios with Jonathan Ferreira (ByJono). Throughout the course of my internship the main focus of the shoots were of the Psych night bands that were preparing for the Endless Daze festival.

The following is a selection of a few images that i took during the Internship.

East Coast

A few friends and myself went on a road trip from Capetown to Port Alfred and Hogsback for a weeks getaway to celebrate finishing our degree's, These images show a few of the places that we saw along the way